Las Vegas Homes, Condos, Land, Commercial Real Estate for Sale

Las Vegas homes, condos, land and commercial real estate for sale covers all aspects of buying and selling residential and commercial real estate for sale in Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas, Nevada.

We discuss buying or selling Las Vegas new and resale homes, condos, luxury high rise condos, multifamily apartment buildings, land and commercial real estate for sale as owner occupied or investment properties and explain different ways of buying real estate as foreclosures, short sales and from real estate auctions. We also cover Nevada first time home buyer down payment assistance and free loan modification for distressed home owners. You can also find ten mortgage calculators and numerous pages of buying and selling advice along with everything you need to research your real estate deal. Besides helping you find your home, condo, land or commercial property we educate you through the entire process so that you understand at all times what is happening with your deal.

Las Vegas commercial real estate

Las Vegas commercial real estate for sale: Discusses buying or selling Las Vegas land and industrial real estate for sale or lease in Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas plus commercial real estate and economy news. The commercial real estate market has not settled down and there is a great discrepancy between sold comps and asking prices for the majority of commercial listings. Great deals are hard to come by and the majority of properties that are sold are foreclosure commercial properties, although bank are becoming more open to short sale deals.

Ls Vegas residential real estate

Search new, re-sale Las Vegas homes, condos, high rise condos, land and multifamily apartments listings

  1. Search new Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas MLS for homes, condos, luxury high rise condominiums, lofts
  2. Search resale Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas MLS for homes, condos, high rise condominiums, lofts,  and townhomes, vacant land and multifamily, foreclosures, short sales and auction homes, condos and land are included

Las Vegas homes and luxury houses

new homes for sale

Buy Las Vegas new homes for sale: Buying new homes in Las Vegas, Henderson or North Las Vegas? New home builders are building energy Star homes, include free upgrades and interest rate buy downs to entice new home buyers. We have discussed issues to consider when buying new homes in a blog series called: Buying Las Vegas new homes for sale? Consider these issues; that discusses relevant issues like comparing new homes prices to re-sales in the immediate area and saving thousands of dollars by buying builder's standing inventory homes.

Resale homes for sale

Buy Las Vegas resale homes for sale: Las Vegas homes are currently selling for less than 55% of their value in 2006 and despite all the fear mongering by the news media, home prices have been stable on homes that are priced below $250,000 in the past 15 months. Most of homes sold are priced $100,000-$200,000. Competition is fierce for homes priced below $100,000 and sold prices are at 100% or more of asking prices.

Resale home buyers can find what they want in Greater Las Vegas, we've got it all. If you want an older home with a big yard and pool, a tract home with a medium yard or a luxurious mansion like home, we can help you find them.

Luxury homes

The main reason that the luxury homes market is slow is due to the difficulty in obtaining a JUMBO loans. The majority of luxury homes are not foreclosures or short sales. however a significant percentage of sold homes are. Our current inventory of luxury homes priced higher than 1 million dollars is 3.5 years, however good deals that would offer the buyer protection from further price drops can be found now, especially unfinished homes or those needing repair.

Las Vegas condos, lofts and townhomes

The Las Vegas condos and lofts for sale market is depressed due to the FHA rules that prevent most condos and high rise condos from being financed. Even though the Las Vegas condo market for condos price below $50,000 is good, condos that have sold for more than $500,000 are listed for less than $150,000 and are not selling, since buyers have to pay in full and in cash for these condos. See:

However there is one way to finance condos in Las Vegas, contact us and we will tell you how. Townhomes are treated as single family homes and can be financed, however the majority of townhomes are older and located in the interior of the Las Vegas Valley.

New condos, lofts for sale

Buy Las Vegas new condominiums for sale: The number of new condo projects in Las Vegas is less than 20 and many of these are left over from 2004-2007. Lack of builder or buyer financing is the reason for this. New builders have purchased unfinished projects and are finishing them now. Mira Villa luxury condos is a great example in Summerlin. There aren't any new loft projects under construction at this time.

Resale condos, lofts, townhomes

Buy Las Vegas condos and luxury condominiums for sale: The vast majority of condominiums that are listed for sale in Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas are selling as foreclosures and short sales, although traditional sales are gaining ground. It is very difficult to finance a condo here, thus cash investors who buy and rent condos can enjoy a nice cash flow.

Semi luxury mid-rise condos that are listed in the Las Vegas MLS can't be built for today's asking prices and bargains abound. The only drawback is high HOA fees. Property taxes for mid-rise condos have been slashed this year.

High rise condos for sale

Buy Las Vegas high rise condos for sale: Most of the available inventory of new condos in Las Vegas are high rise condos that were constructed in 2004-2009. The high rise real estate market is slow and painful for the builders and buyers keep waiting for additional price cuts. We no longer advise against buying high rise condos and believe that great deals can be found right now.

Condo hotels such as Signature at MGM Grand are selling 520sf Penthouse studios for less than $175,000, Trump Las Vegas is selling for about the same price. Although hotel condos are not purchased for cash flow, they have a great shot at future appreciation as these hotel condos can't be build and sold at the current prices. We track condo sales at CityCenter Las Vegas, visit for the latest in City Center condo sales at Veer Towers and Residences at Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Sell Las Vegas home, condo

Sell Las Vegas home, condo or high rise condos: The most important factor in selling homes in the Las Vegas area is correct pricing which is arrived at by COMPS or comparables. It is a big mistake to exclude short sales and foreclosures from comparables as these are homes that Realtors are showing. However, adding a premium of 10%-15% for traditional sales is not out of bounds. For our marketing plan please see sell Las Vegas home or condominiums.

Las Vegas foreclosures

Las Vegas foreclosure homes, condos for sale: Our total inventory of foreclosures has been less than 2000 for months and homes or condos that are priced right sell for more than 100% of the asking price. Buying a foreclosure in Las Vegas is not easy since most are purchased by real estate investors who pay in cash and close escrow in less than 30 days, however we make offers on Las Vegas bank owned (Repo) homes or condos all the time and successfully close deals. Foreclosures can offer the best deals for residential real estate as well as commercial real estate, however this is not always the case and diligence should be exercised.

I am singularly responsible for crushing the myth of 25,000-35,000 shadow inventory homes in Las Vegas which I did through a series of blog posts, see:

  1. 25,000-35,000 Las Vegas shadow inventory homes, BULLSHIT, it is 6,500

Las Vegas short sales

Las Vegas short sale homes, condos for sale: One of the reasons that the mountains of foreclosures predicted by "real estate experts" didn't materialize is that banks have tried to streamline the short sales process. About 30% of homes, condos and high rise condos sold in Las Vegas are short sales and we do make offers on short sales now. However, it is important to know which lenders are easy to deal with and which to avoid.

The main reason that buyers avoid short sales is the long wait involved to get an answer and the inherent problems in the process, such as specific performance (lender can sue the owner for the difference between the selling price and loan amount) which kills deals in the last minute. Another important factor is how many loans the seller has as a second mortgage complicates the process.

Las Vegas real estate auctions

Las Vegas real estate auctions: Buying real estate at Las Vegas real estate auctions, including foreclosed or bank owned real estate auctions. We have two types of foreclosure real estate auctions.

1: Bank owned real estate auctions: Auctions real estate such as homes or condos that are already foreclosed upon and has failed to bring market prices through the Las Vegas MLS and now are being auctioned off by (formerly REDC auction) or Hudson and Marshall among others.

2: Foreclosure real estate auctions: Trustee Sale Auction where the act of foreclosure takes place, high risk, high reward auction where the best deals for homes, condominiums and especially luxury homes and high rise condominiums can be found.

Invest in Las Vegas real estate

Investing in Las Vegas real estate: Tutorial about picking the right Las Vegas real estate to invest in for your price range. Why Las Vegas is offering some of the best real estate investment opportunities? How to make good cash flow through investing in Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas homes, condominiums or multifamily apartment buildings and the best way to buy them. We explain making double digit cash flow for owner occupiers who buy duplex or four-plex, live in one unit and rent the rest

Relocate to Las Vegas

Relocate to Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Nevada: We are a global destination, thus a significant percentage of those who want to relocate to Las Vegas are not familiar with many master planned communities that have been built to fit particular life styles. We have several pages that describe the City of North Las Vegas, City of Henderson and master planned communities like Summerlin, Green Valley and Aliante.

Nevada first time home buyers assistance, grants and free loan modification

Currently it is cheaper to to pay the mortgage for a home or condo than renting the same residence, but lack of down payment can keep prospective buyer from buying a residence. If you need first time home buyers down payment assistance and grants contact us.

Free loan modification

We don't do loan modifications but as a service I did a bog post about free loan modification for distressed Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas home and condo owners. Don't waste money on companies that charge for loan modifications.

Get the best Las Vegas real estate deal

 It is easy to get a good deal on a home, condo or commercial property, however to get the best possible deals buyers and sellers have to take certain steps to prepare for their deal which we explain in instructions for the best Las Vegas real estate deals.

Success in real estate deals is directly influenced by the choice of a Realtor or commercial real estate agent. Read about how we run our team to optimally serve our clients and Testimonials that attest to our success in serving our clients.

Sample blog posts about Las Vegas real estate, residential market conditions and news

The best way to check on the Las Vegas real estate market is reading my blog posts and we don't recommend reading residential news pages as they are highly inaccurate.

We have incorporated detailed discussions of issues in the form of blog posts which you can find in the Las Vegas homes, condos, land and commercial real estate blog, such as:

All Information and Tools to research your Las Vegas real estate deals

 In addition to above you can find:

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    2. Information and tools to research your Las Vegas real estate deal has Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas schools performance ratings, police and law enforcement links, interactive crime viewer and sex offender registry, plus Las Vegas utilities and business and government links.
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