Nevada First Time Home Buyers Mortgage, Down Payment Assistance

Nevada First Time Home Buyer Down Payment and Mortgage Assistance Programs for Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas

Nevada first time home buyers can use down payment and mortgage assistance from more than one source. Currently Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas can offer first time home owners up to $16,000 in down payment assistance.

First: the definition of a first time home owner by HUD:

Anyone who has not owned a home in the last three years or those who have been displaced due to divorce or legal separation.

If owning a home seems impossible due to lack of resources for a down payment and closing costs, we have good news. Many government and private entities have set up First Time Home Buyers Down Payment Assistance to help prospective homeowners.

These programs are designed to give more people the opportunity to buy a home by providing the funds to purchase now, rather than having to wait.

Government programs have various restrictions for qualifying applicants and provide buyers with below market fixed rate interest loans, down payment assistance loans and/or down payment assistance grants.

Private assistance offered by banks in most cases provide for low down payment or reduce interest rates. The BEST part is that they pay private mortgage insurance (PMI) that can run a few grand per year.

The first step toward buying a home is understanding your financial picture. Figure out your monthly income and budget, including regular and incidental expenses. This will give you an accurate picture of your finances to help determine how fast you can save for a down payment. However if you need help with this, it is available and you will be assigned a counselor to help you.

Most but not all of these programs are for buyers who make less than 80% of area median income which is defined by HUD and we replicate below

HUD 80% of median income for Clark County Nevada


1 person

2 Persons

3 Persons

4 persons

5 persons

6 persons

7 persons

80% Median Income








These numbers are calculated based on 80% of AMI and may change.

We have done a few blog posts that while dated; they still have good information about how loan amounts are calculated. You can find the first blog below

  1. Nevada First Time Home Buyer Down Payment Assistance Part-1

All first time home buyers have to attend an 8 hour class and be assigned a counselor.

We will provide requirements for Nevada first time home buyers offered by government and private mortgage assistance offered by banks that have fewer requirements than government programs.

  1. Nevada Housing Division first time home buyers programs

  2. Nevada first time home buyers programs offered by private entities (banks)