Nevada Housing Division First Time Home Buyers Assistance

The Nevada Housing Division First Time Home Buyer Program offers below-market fixed interest rate mortgage loans and grants that do not have to be paid back to low and moderate income first time home and condo buyers, with additional assistance available for down payment and closing costs.

These programs cover Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas and unincorporated Clark County, Nevada

First time home buyers need to meet the requirements below to qualify

All these programs are for owner occupiers, Las Vegas real estate investors are excluded.

Nevada first time home buyers have to meet 2016 income guidelines for the down payment assistance programs and can not make in excess of the chart below based on family size.

HUD 80% of median income for Clark County Nevada, including Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas and Unincorporated Clark County, Nevada.


1 Person

2 Persons

3 Persons

4 Persons

5 Persons

6 Persons

7 Persons

80% Median Income








The majority of government programs offered have most of the requirements below, however private programs have fewer requirements. If there is an exception, we will note it under the program. 

  1. First time home buyer is defined as someone who has not owned or co-owned their own residence within the past three years.
  2. The maximum gross income for the applicants must fall within the Maximum Income Limits set by NHD.
  3. Applicant's assets, including without limitation, may not exceed 50% of the purchase price of the residence being purchased, unless disabled or elderly and such assets are the primary source of income.
  4. Income must support the repayment of the loan pursuant to the underwriting criteria applied by FHA, VA, RHS, or Fannie Mae, as applicable.
  5. Credit must meet the underwriting criteria applied by FHA, VA, RHS, or Fannie Mae, as applicable.
  6. Requires a home buyer to successfully complete a HUD approved First Time Home Buyer Education Course. We have attended two of such courses and highly recommend them.
  7. Important: There is a Recapture Tax Penalty if you sell or otherwise dispose of all or any part of your interest in your residence within a specified time from the closing date of your Mortgage Loan, you may be required to pay federal income taxes for the taxable year in which you dispose of your interest in your residence in addition to the federal income taxes normally attributable to any gain recognized on the sale or disposition of your residence.

Las Vegas, Nevada Housing Division first time home buyers programs

WISH Program

Matches three times the amount the buyer has for down payment. Minimum contribution is $1500 (buyer has $500 for down payment) and maximum contribution is $15,000 (buyer has $5,000 for down payment). There is no area restriction and buyers can buy anywhere in Greater Las Vegas. The assistance is forgivable in 5 years.

Qualifying conditions:

Buyers have to buy within one year of approval by Wish Program

They must use a participating bank like Nevada State bank

Home Program, Nevada Housing Services (NHSSN)

First time home buyers can get up to $14,999 or 50% of down payment and closing costs in Unincorporated Clark County and City of North Las Vegas.

Assistance sits as a silent second mortgage with no interest, however has to be paid back upon the sale of the house or refinancing with cash out.

Qualifying conditions:

Buyer must have 50% of down payment and closing costs

Buyer has to have $2500 in reserve, however only $1500 is required for the program.

The maximum purchase price has to be below $133,000 for existing homes and $195,000 for new construction.

Home is Possible (this is the most popular program)

Home at Possible provides for up to 4% of mortgage loan with government backed mortgages and 5% for conventional financing to cover down payment and closing costs for homes priced below $400,000, along with a mortgage at competitive interest rates to qualified buyers.

This is our favorite first time home buyer program because it is grant that doesn’t have to re-paid and doesn’t have as many restrictions as other programs.

Qualifying conditions:

The qualifying income is $95,500 and there is no limit on the buyer’s assets.

Buyer’s FICO score should exceed 640 for government backed loans and 680 for conventional loans.

Home at Last by Nevada Rural Housing Authority

First time home buyers get free grant up to 4% of the mortgage that will be forgiven in 5 years.

Qualifying conditions:

The maximum income limit is $97,000

No limits on the first time home buyer’s assets

Nevada Housing Division Teachers First program

Must use participating lenders for a first mortgage at 3.5% (SWEET) and qualifying teachers can get $15,000 as a 20 year second mortgage at 5.5% interest rate.

Qualifying conditions:

Teachers must have 640 or above FICO score

Maximum income for up to two persons is $77,400 and for 3 or more is $90,580

.5% Down Payment FHA Loan product

Buyer has to put down .5% of FHA loan down payment and the rest becomes a 15 year second mortgage.

Qualifying conditions:

The buyer must get a FHA loan

No cash back allowed and condos and town-homes are eligible

HUD requires Realtor participation, we are approved for these programs and will guide you through the first time home buyer programs.

Interest rates and down payment assistance amounts get changed over time, for the most current info visit Nevada Housing Division First Time Home Buyer Program

Information above is just a summary. After completing the mandatory first time home buyer class, you will be assigned a counselor and they will have a full explanation of these programs for you, call us at 702-478-7800.