Las Vegas Short Sales - Short Sale Homes, Condos for Sale

Buying Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas short sale homes, condos

What are Las Vegas Short sales?

A short sale home, condo or high rise condo deal in Las Vegas is done when the seller (mortgagee) owes more than what the property is worth in today's market. The seller has no equity in the home and lists his/her property with a Las Vegas Realtor who can negotiate with the lender to accept less money than they are owed.

We have four blog posts with embedded videos that explain the short sales process. Even though these were recorded in 2015, 2016 is no different except that the number of short sales listings in Las Vegas MLS keep on shrinking.

We explain three different ways to buy Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas short sales homes, condos or high rise that are listed in Greater Las Vegas MLS. One is approved short sales, un-approved short sales, buying from real estate auctions. The other two are combination bankruptcy or probate short sales.

When the seller accepts short sales offers, the buyer has to open escrow and deposit the EMD. Then the buyer has to wait for bank approval in order to close the deal.

In this blog and video we explain how long does it take to close escrow for pre-approved, unapproved and approved short sales including short sales listings that run in online real estate auctions. We also discuss the two combinations bankruptcy and probate short sales which require approval by courts in addition to the lender approval.

In this blog and video we explain the troubles involved in buying short sales, then:

In this blog and video we talk about the discounts gained from buying short sales and show that 60% of short sales provided for less than $10,000 in discounts from traditional sales comps.

Those who have watched these videos know more about the short sales process than the vast majority of real estate professionals in Las Vegas.

If you are planning to sell your home and you owe more than the property is worth call us, while we don't list short sales, we know some of the best Las Vegas short sales agents to help you out of your quandary.