Sell Your Las Vegas Home, Condo or High-Rise Condo

 List and sell your home, condo or high rise luxury condo in Las Vegas, Henderson or North Las Vegas quickly and for top money

 To sell a home or condo in Las Vegas, pricing is of utmost importance. The vast majority of homes and condos sold in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas and master planned communities like Summerlin, Green Valley, Aliante or Anthem are traditional or regular sales.

  Although selling a home or condo is not difficult in the current real estate market conditions, partnership between a home or condo seller and his/her realtor can lead to top money for the seller.

Selling homes or condominiums in today's Las Vegas housing market

In any market condition, especially the current housing market in Las Vegas it is all about pricing. If your house is priced higher than a similar one in your neighborhood, even the best marketing plan will fail to sell your home or condominium. We will do a comparative market analysis (COMPS) for your house to insure correct pricing in relationship to the current market conditions.

In addition to 4 years of double digit price gains for Las Vegas homes or condos, 2016 is the fifth year for tight inventory of homes or condos for sale in Las Vegas. If your home is valued less than FHA loan limit, and priced correctly, you will have no shortage of buyers and may get multiple offers. You will need an experienced Realtors advice on how to counter these offers in order to gain the best terms.

If your home is priced much higher than $287,000, pricing becomes even more important since buyers become suspicious of listings that fail to get any action for 60 days, thinking that there is something wrong with the property.

The biggest complaint Las Vegas home or condo sellers have is that no one is looking at the property. This is due to incorrect pricing. Realtors who agree to price a home or condo unreasonably high do the seller no favors, we have discussed this in:

  1. How NOT to price Las Vegas homes, condominiums and commercial real estate for sale Part One
  2. How NOT to price Las Vegas homes, condominiums and commercial real estate for sale Part Two

What our real estate team will do to showcase your home or condo in Las Vegas, Henderson or North Las Vegas

Advertising your home or condo listing

87% of the searches for a home or condo start online. Effective use of technology is our strength. We will make sure that your listing is seen by the widest possible audience. We will have your listing as a featured home in our site. In addition to our site, we will advertise your home in the following web-sites:

  1. Las Vegas Multiple Listing Service (MLS) which is used by Las Vegas Realtors.
  2. Trulia, Lasvegasrealtor,, Yahoo, Craigslist, and Immoble which translates your listing to 13 languages.
  3. We are currently working on putting our listings in YouTube.
  4. We will have a for sale sign at your home within 48 hours of completion of preparations.
  5.  We will make sure that the buyer’s are pre-qualified.
  6. We will handle all negotiations on your behalf.
  7. Upon acceptance of an offer we will coordinate between you, the buyer, the escrow company and the buyer’s lender to insure a problem free closing
  • Help sellers to arrange furniture to stage the home in the best possible light. Karen is a specialist in this regard and can help.
  • We will obtain a preliminary title to insure the buyer that there are no clouds on the title and no surprises in escrow.

What Las Vegas home or condo sellers have to do to prepare their property for sale

Home or condo buyers pick the location of their prospective new home or condominium for many reasons. The fact that they are visiting your home or condominium means that you have won the locations wars and only have to beat your local competition. To do that you need to have your home in move-in condition. Turn Key homes or condos still have an advantage over foreclosures and command higher prices.

In order to get the best price and sell the property in a short time:

  • Seller has to get an inspection of the condo or home by a Nevada licensed inspector
  • Seller has to agree to fix all the problems prior to showing. We will make the inspection report available to the buyers. We recommend that the owner get a home warranty. Inspection report with a home warranty plan assures the buyer that the home is problem free.
  • Fix all the scratches on the walls, clean carpets, keep the house neat and tidy at all times.
  • Offering $1000-$3000 bonus to buyers agent with a 30 day close and money towards buyer's closing cost greatly increases your chances of a quick sale.

We don't do long term listings. Our exclusive contracts to sell your home or condo are usually 3 months. If we don’t sell your house in three months, we have failed and will fire ourselves. You get to keep all reports as a gift.

Listing and selling short sales homes or condos in Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas

We don't do what we can't be best at and up to 2010 listing and successfully selling short sales has been difficult due to lenders inability to handle the short sale process. The degree of difficulty and duration for concluding a short sale process is directly proportional to the price range, the lender and the number of mortgages.

We know which lenders are easier to deal with and will list their short sales. Other lenders require a Las Vegas Realtor who specializes in dealing with them.

We do know the best Realtors who can short sale your home or condominium and deliver results and will be happy to refer you to one at no cost. Just call us.