Testimonials for Saber Real Estate in Las Vegas

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I am going to provide you with a few testimonials that prove that instructions to get the best Las Vegas real estate deal  and how we run our team to optimally serve our clients really works and will result in our clients being able to find the optimal property for their criteria. What we get in turn is our clients love and respect. We turn clients into friends. that is what we do.

Testimonial from sweet Josie who purchased a home in the City of North Las Vegas recently

The best testimonial for a Las Vegas real estate agent or a Las Vegas Realtor ever

The best testimonial for a Las Vegas real estate agent or a Las Vegas Realtor ever

A Very Proud Homeowner!  

   I want to offer my highest praises for Masoud and Karen Saberzadeh. I recently bought my first home and I couldn't have done it without them!!!!!!

   I remember thinking one day, I would really love to buy my first home before I turn 30 especially with so many affordable foreclosed homes nowadays. Of course, I didn't think it through all the way and I was scared. I started browsing the internet early Aug. 2008 of home listings that were in my budget and I came across www.lasvegas4us.com. The webpage was user friendly and I was able to browse and find exactly what I was looking for. Afterwards, I called and spoke w/Karen on the phone and she was very nice in guiding me on what exactly I needed to do. Get preapproved for a loan first so that if I found a home that I really like, I can have the comfort in knowing that I can make an offer without getting disappointed. Karen was so helpful and understanding of all my questions and concerns and she made me comfortable right off the bat.  

 I took Karen's advice and got pre-approved for a loan and our house hunting began in Sept. 2008! She had sent me some listings in addition to what I already had. That same day, I had the pleasure of finally meeting her and Masoud. As soon as I met them, I felt so comfortable and I felt like I have known them for so long. They both have great personalities w/great sense of humor and the nicest people I know. Enough cannot be said for the professionalism of Masoud and Karen. They demonstrated outstanding knowledge and skills of the housing market and offered me advice and guidance as well with any uncertainties that I had.

They were always available whenever I wanted to see some houses and they were always flexible rain or shine. Masoud always assured me that every house that I see will get better and better and he was right! He always assured me that I will find my dream home no matter how long it takes, even if we had to see many houses, we will find it together. And surely I did!!!!!!! After a lot of offers and rejections, my offer finally got accepted for a great home in North Las Vegas at the end of Dec. 2008. Masoud and Karen finally handed me the keys to my dream home towards the end of Feb. 2009 and my boyfriend, Brandon and I couldn't be happier!

   Masoud and Karen exceeded my expectations. Before meeting them, I had a pre-conceived notion that all realtors are pushy and just want to make a sale. Masoud and Karen are the total opposite of that. They made my house hunting as painless and comfortable as possible. Not only are they the best realtors you can find, they are also the most genuine people who truly care about others. I consider them my life long friends and I am so thankful that I had the pleasure of sharing one of my biggest accomplishments with them, buying my dream home! Masoud and Karen's personality and caring ways are the qualities that should be emulated by others.

   Masoud and Karen's willingness to be the best and their display of the highest professionalism clearly reflects the quality that should be in all of us. They are dear to my heart and words cannot express how grateful and lucky I truly am in having them in my life!  

Masoud and Karen.........I salute you! Thank you both in making my dream a reality!!!!!!


We love Josie and Brandon right back and feel privileged to have met them and have their friendship for the rest of our life. By the way, I invented a word for bubbly Josie, "Bubbleliest".

Josie, Karen Saberzadeh my slightly better half and Brandon

Josie, Karen Saberzadeh my better half and Brandon

Testimonial From Frank, a retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant

Karen & Masoud,   

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding support in our search for a condo. Your patience was evitable in all aspects, We are so thrilled with the condo we finally settled on.

It meets all the requirements we wanted in a home! We are completely satisfied and so very thankful for your help in purchasing it. Your perseverance to make sure that the we got what we wanted and nothing less was clearly evident 

Thanks again!!!!  

 Feel free to use us as a reference.   Francis & Maria  

Testimonial from Dr. Alan Schoonmaker about our real state Team's work ethics

Dr. Alan Schoonmaker is a highly respected industrial psychologist and negotiation expert who has advised fortune 500 companies and has authored  numerous books on negotiations and poker whom we have the privilege of currently helping to find a residence. You can take his words as an expert

Dear Masoud,  

You are too hard on yourself. Most men -- including me -- would just fold if we had your injuries. Instead, you work harder than almost anyone I know.

  Your determination to work is an important element in your recovering. It's GOOD to push yourself, but you're overdoing it. That is NOT good.

  You need to balance your toughness with a bit more realism.  

I told Dr. Schoonmaker that I have a bad case of tunnel vision and when I work all I can see is the light at the end of tunnel, all else is irrelevant.

We are Great problem solvers with blue collar work ethics.