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 Masoud Saberzadeh, Las Vegas Realtor ®and Commercial Real Estate Agent

I am one of the top real estate bloggers and one of the few real estate agents who has designed, authored and is the web master of his own sites, Las Vegas homes, condos, land and commercial real estate, Las Vegas real estate agent blog. My background is in Electrical Engineering and I have aced PHD level math courses in graduate school. I know numbers.

Our clients are the reason that we are not starving in the current economic conditions, thus our loyalty is solely to our clients and we put our clients interest before ours. We do not charge buyers documentation fees and our services are FREE to buyers that buy through the Las Vegas MLS, and we never show properties based on commissions paid to us. There is a charge for assisting buyers who purchase through the Las Vegas real estate auction.

 I am blunt, factual and result oriented and deeply dislike some sales tactics that are used by pushy sales persons. I do not chase customers or spam anyone.

You couldn't find a a more loyal or knowledgeable ally in your Las Vegas real estate deal

This is my 12th year in the greater Las Vegas Valley real estate business. I am a Realtor and commercial real estate agent's rep for the Realty One Group. The first year was dedicated to research and learning.

I supported myself and financed my education by being a part owner of a wholesale automobile business that procured cars from auctions for export companies. I consider the business insight that I gained by dealing with a wide spectrum of business professionals during those years invaluable. It also prepared me for the real estate auctions in Las Vegas as the fundamentals are the same.

While trying to start one of the first on-line auto businesses in 1996, a catastrophic auto accident that resulted in many surgeries and a long recovery period side-tracked me for a few years. Now I can drive and work for hours on good days, I don't want to discuss the bad days.

Following is from Dr. Schoonmaker who is a highly respected industrial psychologist and adviser to fortune 500 companies

Dear Masoud,  

You are too hard on yourself. Most men -- including me -- would just fold if we had your injuries. Instead, you work harder than almost anyone I know.   Your determination to work is an important element in your recovering. It's GOOD to push yourself, but you're overdoing it. That is NOT good.

I have all the excuses needed to fold and rot succeed due to my injuries, however I use them to motivate me to excel and. I have done  millions of dollars in both residential and commercial deals and am one of the foremost real estate experts in Las Vegas. I have authored hundreds of articles in my blog site and what you see now attests to my expertise.

The reason that I can allocate all my time to work and not worry about anything else is my beloved wife Karen who takes care of me and everything else.

Karen Saberzadeh Brings Over 20 Years of Marketing and Home Design Experience to the Team.

Over 20 years ago I began a career with Wildwood International, an import company that was based in Omaha, Nebraska, working on designing product, setting up their showrooms and sales. I also was the Marketing Director for the company and developed their catalogs and print ads. Besides marketing, home décor and design techniques were an integral part of the job. My experience in design, color and placement can help in staging your home for a quicker sale. 

Before moving to Las Vegas I built my dream home, a log home on 10 acres in Murray, Nebraska.  I acted as my own general contractor during the building process and am familiar with all the problems and joys that come from designing and building a custom home.

After relocating here in Las Vegas I opened Accessories Galore, LLC for sales of home décor and fashion jewelry and am familiar with the necessary steps of opening a business in Las Vegas.

I have been a Nevada Realtor since March 2006 and help my husband’s real estate team at Realty One Group bringing not only my extensive experience in marketing and sales but my detail oriented work ethics to help make your home buying experience as smooth as possible. I specialize in helping people to relocate to Las Vegas and in residential and single property investments. I work extensively with out of town buyers besides helping local residential buyers find a home.