Invest in Las Vegas Real Estate - Las Vegas Investment Properties

 Foreclosure auctions with many listings to choose from are just a memory now and adventuress Las Vegas real investors looking for high profits on their investment have left long ago. Then, why is investing in Las Vegas real estate a good idea?

Well, we have had 4 years of double digit price appreciation on Greater Las Vegas homes and condos and 2016 should witness at least 6% more. Additionally rental rates are going up, thus increasing return on investment.

Las Vegas residential real estate investors can still buy a good home that was built after 2000 and get about 6%-8% cash on cash return after property tax and HOA fee (if any). We do not talk about cash flow because that depends on the buyer's income and whether the buyer uses a property manager or manages the investment himself/herself. Add the price appreciation and the return on investment becomes even higher. If you know a better investment opportunity, more power to you.

As for investing in Greater Las Vegas commercial real estate, there are still very good opportunities like buying vacant industrial land in Apex, where Faraday is opening a one billion dollar electric car factory or buying retail in certain pockets with big upside potential.

Smaller industrial spaces are renting very quickly and lease rates keep going up, asking rental rates are up 15% from last year and 10% from the past quarter.

Very good investment opportunities still exist in Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas, but one needs to know where to look and we do.

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