About Saber Real Estate Team in Las Vegas & Client Testimonials

About Masoud & Karen Saberzadeh, Saber real estate team in Las Vegas

We are Las Vegas Realtors representing Realty One Group. We have been doing this for about 14 years and have witnessed the full cycle of quickly appreciating prices of 2003-2007 to the great recession of 2007-2012 and huge price gains of 2012-2017.

We have built a log home from scratch prior to moving to Las Vegas and totally rebuilt 2 houses here. One was purchased at the Trustee Sale Auction.  We changed the zoning for the other to commercial zoning. So we can put our experience to work for our clients.


In this case, we did put our money (or lack of it) where our mouth is. In the second half of 2016, we knew that a huge price correction was underway and stopped doing deals. Our next deal was about two years later when we actually thought that the market was starting to stabilize. This came at a huge financial cost and hardship, however, if integrity is cost dependent, it is non-existent.

Our integrity is far above real estate and ethics laws, for example, we are disgusted by the dual agency or double-dealing which is perfectly legal here and on many occasions helped buyers who contacted us to find a good Realtor to represent them in the deal. We will not do dual agency because it is the mother of corruption in marketing listings.

In putting our client’s interest before our own, here is proof we show only a couple of many examples of turning down big commissions while alerting the buyers about the real estate downturn.


As a former highly educated engineer and research addict, Masoud has spent a great deal of time researching all aspects of real estate deals.  We are widely known as an authority on the Las Vegas real estate market and many reports are unique to this website. Additionally, we have come up with the algorithm to find the best investment properties and we call it the perfect system because mathematically, it is.

We know how to get the best price while selling a property or getting the highest discounts while buying them. At any rate, the proof is in the pie, you can judge for yourself.

Masoud Saberzadeh, Las Vegas Realtor ®

I am one of the top real estate bloggers and one of the few real estate agents who has designed, authored and is the webmaster of his own sites Las Vegas homes, condo & luxury high-rise condo portal consisting of this site, Las Vegas real estate blog and our Facebook, Linked In, Google+ and Twitter pages, you can find their icons below the top menu.

My background is in electrical engineering, and I have aced Ph.D. level math courses in school. But I had to leave engineering due to a catastrophic auto accident more than 20 years ago. I am a research addict and have great command of numbers.

So, I put all my skills to work in real estate and have conducted in-depth studies of all aspects of doing real estate deals in Las Vegas and have published the results for free for all to see on this site.

My research has been concerned with one thing only. While most real estate buyers and sellers go the customary way which doesn’t offer any advantages for anyone.

How can we get the most advantage for our clients?

That is why we have dedicated a lot of resources to Las Vegas real estate market reports because it is essential in today’s turbulent Las Vegas housing market and on several occasions we alerted our clients to upcoming price hikes several months in advance.

Our Las Vegas high rise condo market and Las Vegas luxury home market reports can’t be found anywhere else and are unique to this site. Additionally, the algorithm that we discuss in the comprehensive guide to investing in Las Vegas real estate is so innovative that if you watch the videos in the series you will never look at investing in the residential real estate the same way again.

As you can see in the testimonials our methods work perfectly, resulting in very happy clients and lifelong friendships.

You couldn’t find a more loyal or knowledgeable ally in your Las Vegas real estate deal.

Karen Saberzadeh Brings Over 20 Years of Marketing and Home Design Experience to the Team.

I began a career with Wildwood International, an import company that was based in Omaha, Nebraska, working on designing product, setting up their showrooms and sales. I also was the Marketing Director for the company and developed their catalogs and print ads. Besides marketing, home décor and design techniques were an integral part of the job. My experience in design, color, and placement can help in staging your home for a quicker sale.

Before moving to Las Vegas I built my dream home, a log home on 10 acres in Nebraska.  I acted as my own general contractor during the building process and am familiar with all the problems and joys that come from designing and building a custom home.

After relocating here in Las Vegas I opened Accessories Galore, LLC for sales of home décor and fashion jewelry and am familiar with the necessary steps of opening a business in Las Vegas.

I have been a Nevada Realtor since March 2006 and now work with our real estate team at Realty One Group bringing not only my extensive experience in marketing and sales but my detail-oriented work ethics to help make your home buying experience as smooth as possible.

I specialize in helping people to relocate to Las Vegas and in residential and single property investments. I work with out of town buyers and help local residential buyers find a home. I also help people wanting to sell their property and help with the marketing of our listings. I am the one that will help you through the paperwork and assure a successful close of escrow with the least amount of stress.

I strive to build long-term relationships with our clients and many have become longtime friends. The number of clients who come back to work with us again shows us how special these relationships are.

We LUV our clients and they love and highly appreciate us right back

Our business plan is very simple and is built upon two principals:

1: Our clients trust us with guiding and protecting them in an area that they may not be proficient. We take that trust very seriously and will go to extreme lengths to serve and protect it which we have done.

2: Our clients must be very happy throughout the process., from searching to buying or from listing to selling.

However achieving it has taken years of research in all aspects of doing residential real estate deals in Las Vegas along with setting ethics rules far above current laws and a genuine love for our brothers and sisters. What we get in turn are our client’s love and respect. We turn clients into friends. That is what we do.

Below, please see a small sample of testimonials that prove that our home buying tutorials and how we run our team to optimally serve our clients really works. Although we were authorized to use last names, we removed them to protect our client’s privacy.

Testimonials below are just a small sample, we didn’t want to show many because it encroaches into the “pride” territory and that is a deadly sin.


 Testimonial from Dave K, a very happy las vegas real estate investors 

This video Testimonial is from Dave who is one of our most favorite people under the blue sky. He financed an investment home in Las Vegas a while back, however his loan didn’t get approved on time and he faced more than $1,800 in fines which he didn’t pay because we were aware of a seller’s mistake which we brought up in the last minute that erased all of the fines.

Glowing peer review from a Canadian real estate professional who has been in the business for 30 years

Thanks, Karen and Masoud:

Once again it was a pleasure doing business with you both. Your professional and courteous service is the standard by which other Realtors should operate.

We always felt that our interests were your top priority, both when you found our home 5 years ago and when you recently helped us sell in a matter of days. We highly recommend you to anyone seeking a great realtor.

Bill and Maureen M Canadian Snowbirds.

Highest honor is a not recommended testimonial in Yelp

Imagine how many times does a client feel strongly enough that he/she goes and registers in a new site just to do a testimonial for their Realtor or anyone else.

Well, Mike C did it, however, the Yelp’s algorithm thinks it may have been a spam so it is a not recommended testimonial, so be it. Please find it below

Masoud and Karen are husband and wife team that found my dream home in Turnberry Towers in April 2016. This was the largest floor plan (infinity) with top to bottom windows showing 180 degrees of Vegas.

They helped me negotiate a great price and I couldn’t be happier. I looked at other high-rise condo residences in Vegas but Turnberry Towers was my favorite in terms of location and value.

Masoud has an engineering background and very detail oriented. His research and understanding of Vegas high rise condo market gave me great confidence to work with them. Karen (sales background) is sweet and negotiated the best price for me.

They were with me from beginning to the end of escrow and answering any last minute questions I had. They proved to me that they are long-term relationship agents and not just commission oriented as most agents are.

I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a genuine, dependable, experienced, hardworking and relationship-oriented agent to help them find their dream home.

Testimonial from an investor we helped purchase several properties

Hi Karen/Masoud,

Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication on helping us finding properties. You are a great team. We really appreciate your professional and honest advice on purchasing a home. You are always thinking of how to maximize the customer’s benefits (ours).  It feels like you are always looking to make sure we are buying the right property.  We feel like we can count on you, especially since you are always responsive to our calls.

We really appreciate your professional and honest advice on purchasing a home. You are always thinking of how to maximize the customer’s benefits (ours).  It feels like you are always looking to make sure we are buying the right property.  We feel like we can count on you, especially since you are always responsive to our calls.

It has been a pleasant and smooth experience working with you.  You are the best agents I’ve ever met. I would recommend you to any home buyer.

Thank you, Nance

Testimonial from Dr. A who we helped sell her condo

Hi Karen,

Please feel free to use this or adapt – thank you both again:

I would like to take an opportunity to thank Karen and Masoud Saberzadeh for their work and the excellent results in selling our condo in Las Vegas.

I had a small condo in Las Vegas that I wanted to sell quickly since my retirement plans had changed and I needed to focus on staying in the east coast area.

Karen and Masoud provided excellent guidance and tips on selling the condo. They provided realistic information about the current market, how best to price the condo and what to anticipate in the process. We were provided ongoing feedback and were able to close on the sale of the condo in under 90 days!

Thank you for your efforts and guidance. Dr. Lisa A Ph.D

Testimonial from a Veteran who relocated to Las Vegas and purchased a home using a VA loan

Karen and Masoud,

Thank You so very much for the professionalism, the highest regard to ethics, the complete information you gave me about the properties I was interested in, and your preemptive problem-solving abilities.

It was a pleasure to have you both as my Agents and without a doubt, I would refer you to everyone so that they could have this good experience also.

I am gratefully HAPPY now in my new home purchased with my VA Benefits, Thank You again.

Sincerely, Kevin D

Lastly, the testimonial from our sweet Josie a first time home buyer

The best testimonial for a Las Vegas real estate agent or a Las Vegas Realtor ever

I want to offer my highest praises for Masoud and Karen Saberzadeh. I recently bought my first home and I couldn’t have done it without them!!!!!!

I remember thinking one day; I would really love to buy my first home before I turn 30 especially with so many affordable foreclosed homes nowadays. Of course, I didn’t think it through all the way and I was scared.

I started browsing the internet early Aug. 2008 of home listings that were in my budget and I came across www.lasvegas4us.com/wordpress/. The web page was user-friendly and I was able to browse and find exactly what I was looking for.

Afterwards, I called and spoke w/Karen on the phone and she was very nice in guiding me on what exactly I needed to do. Get preapproved for a loan first so that if I found a home that I really like, I can have the comfort in knowing that I can make an offer without getting disappointed. Karen was so helpful and understanding of all my questions and concerns and she made me comfortable right off the bat.

I took Karen’s advice and got pre-approved for a loan and our house hunting began in Sept. 2008! She had sent me some listings in addition to what I already had. That same day, I had the pleasure of finally meeting her and Masoud. As soon as I met them, I felt so comfortable and I felt like I have known them for so long. They both have great personality’s w/great sense of humor and the nicest people I know. Enough cannot be said for the professionalism of Masoud and Karen. They demonstrated outstanding knowledge and skills of the housing market and offered me advice and guidance as well with any uncertainties that I had.

They were always available whenever I wanted to see some houses and they were always flexible rain or shine. Masoud always assured me that every house that I see will get better and better and he was right! He always assured me that I will find my dream home no matter how long it takes, even if we had to see many houses, we will find it together. And surely I did!!!!!!! After a lot of offers and rejections, my offer finally got accepted for a great home in North Las Vegas at the end of Dec. 2008. Masoud and Karen finally handed me the keys to my dream home towards the end of Feb. 2009 and my boyfriend, Brandon and I couldn’t be happier!

Masoud and Karen exceeded my expectations. Before meeting them, I had a pre-conceived notion that all Las Vegas Realtors are pushy and just want to make a sale. Masoud and Karen are the total opposite of that.

They made my house hunting as painless and comfortable as possible. Not only are they the best realtors you can find, they are also the most genuine people who truly care about others. I consider them my lifelong friends and I am so thankful that I had the pleasure of sharing one of my biggest accomplishments with them, buying my dream home! Masoud and Karen’s personality and caring ways are the qualities that should be emulated by others.

Masoud and Karen’s willingness to be the best and their display of the highest professionalism clearly reflects the quality that should be in all of us. They are dear to my heart and words cannot express how grateful and lucky I truly am in having them in my life!

Masoud and Karen………I salute you! Thank you, both for making my dream a reality!!!!!!

We love Josie and Brandon right back and feel privileged to have met them and have their friendship for the rest of our life. By the way, I invented a word for bubbly Josie, Bubbleliest.