Best location in Las Vegas to buy homes, condos?

We can’t tell you where is the best place to buy a home or condo in Las Vegas but can provide relevant information

On more than one occasion we have been asked about where is the best location in Las Vegas to buy homes or condos?

Another question and is what is safe area for me to buy a home or condo? And the answer has always been, I can’t tell you.

Why? Because we would break a few Federal laws if we did and we do not want to mess with the FED.

Most Las Vegas home or condominium buyers are concerned with crimes in their immediate area, protecting their children from sex offenders and school performance reports. And But it is NOT against Federal laws to provide with relevant information so you can check them out for yourself.

Las Vegas Sex Offender Registry and map

Las Vegas crime map

Nevada Department of Education’s public education accountability report

Now, Why is it against the law to tell you where is the best location in Las Vegas to buy homes or condos?

Answering the above question is in violation of

A: The Fair Housing Act of 1968. “The Fair Housing Act of 1968 is a federal law of the United States prohibiting discrimination in housing. It has a wide spread effect on homeowners, renters, apartment managers and anyone working within the real estate industry. As a U.S. Citizen you can help protect your rights by learning about this law and how it can affect you”.

“The 1968 Fair Housing Act specifically deals with discrimination based on race, national origin, color or religion but in 1974 an amendment was added that also includes any discrimination on the basis of sex as well”.

One of the provisions of this act is STEERING AND BLOCKBUSTING and is defined below.

The Fair Housing Act specifically states that there will be fines for illegally blockbusting and steering. These terms are well known among real estate developers and agents. Steering is when a real estate representative directs or “steer’s” prospective minority purchasers to specific areas of the city where their ethnic or racial color is primarily living.


Blockbusting is similar in that it is illegal to induce property owners to sell their property by saying or implying that other people of a specific race, color, sex, religion or national origin are moving into the area”.

So you can see that giving any kind answer to the question “what is the best place in Las Vegas to buy a home or condo” or any variations of this question will be in violation of the United State’s law which will result in the immediate loss of the real estate agents license.

B: There are other reasons behind this law aside from discrimination problems and it is that no two people have the exact taste. A neighborhood, city or region that would be ideal to me may repulse someone else. More important is why a person prefers that location. I love green areas but I would never live in Seattle, Washington due to bad arthritis.

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