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Las Vegas townhomes for sale are like single-family homes, but with one or more walls in common with the neighbor and many, especially in age-restricted sub-divisions only share a garage wall. In both cases, the owner owns the land. Townhomes are treated like single-family homes by banks and restrictions imposed by lenders on financing a condo do not apply to townhouses.

The majority of townhouses are two-story buildings with living areas on the first floor and bedrooms on the second floor. However, we have some condos that are just like that but townhouses don’t have any neighbors on top or below them. In age-restricted communities, they are single story.

Newer townhouses come with an attached garage, however, older units either have a carport or the garage is not attached to the unit. Older townhome communities generally have fewer amenities than condo projects along with lower Home Owner Association (HOA) fees. However, most newer projects come with full amenities which is reflected in HOA fees.

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Some townhome builders in Las Vegas have registered their townhomes as a condo with Clark County

Greater Las Vegas townhome market:

The Realtor association monthly publication that is used by most other Realtors or newspapers mixes the townhome data with the condo data and provides one median price for both which is wrong. So we are providing you with our own Las Vegas townhome market report since the real estate recovery of 2012.

In this report, we discuss the reasons for unbelievable price gains since January 2016.

Las Vegas townhomes for sale registered as condos:

The townhome above is in the Legacy Courtyard Condo sub-division. If this unit wasn’t connected to the neighboring garage it would be a single family home. However, if you want to finance a mortgage, you have to meet all condo financing requirements because it is registered as a condo with Clark County.

Care should be taken while making an offer on these to make sure that they are FHA approved or financing them will be very difficult.


One of the biggest differences between condos and townhomes is supposed to be maintenance. In many townhouse communities, especially the age-restricted communities, the HOA takes care of the exterior of the building, roof, as well as all common areas just like condos.

Buyers need to check with the HOA about who is responsible for the maintenance of the exterior as well as the front yard.

Townhome buying tutorials:

Buyers can greatly increase the chances of getting a good deal on their townhouse by watching the videos that we have provided in the home buying tutorials series. We start with a realistic example of is it better to buy or rent in the current Las Vegas real estate market. Continuing with the best way to search MLS, townhome financing, making offers and finally escrow process to close your deal.

We have dedicated pages for those who want to buy foreclosures, short sales or buying from real estate auctions as well, you can find the links above.

We hope that you find our page about Las Vegas townhomes for sale buying guide useful. If you are planning to buy a unit, call us at 702-478-7800 and we will be happy to help you get a great deal and close it without any complications.

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