Definition of luxury homes & ultra-luxury homes in Las Vegas

What separates upgraded houses from luxury homes & ultra-luxury homes in Las Vegas?

In order to figure what separates luxury homes and ultra-luxury homes in Las Vegas from other houses we searched far and wide, sought wise men and women and asked them:

O wise one, what is the difference between a highly upgraded, luxury and ultra-luxurious home?

No answer, No answer, they screamed! No one has ever seen or heard from them ever since 🙂

Frankly, there is no set of criteria that defines a luxury house that doesn’t miss on some great units but in order to do an overview of the Las Vegas luxury home market since recovery we had to come up with some.

Our arbitrary definition of luxury homes for sale in Las Vegas

1: Lot size bigger than 7,000 square feet to have room for a pool

2: Price higher than $1,000,000

3: Living area should be bigger than 3500 square feet

4: Price per square foot of $150-$300

5: 3+ car garages

Prime location, high-end interior finishes such as marble countertops, professional-quality kitchen appliances and customized closets and hotel-like amenities, like a well-equipped fitness center and spa in the common areas, are often staples of lavish living.

While setting the minimum price at $150 per square foot may be a little low, we picked it to maximize the coverage of our market report.

We didn’t set any year built or location as Las Vegas is peppered with these and some can be found in below median income neighborhoods like mansions near Pecos and Sunset in east Las Vegas. Our definition of ultra-luxury homes in Las Vegas:

 Our definition of ultra-luxury homes for sale in Las Vegas:

In addition to above criteria add:

A: Price per square foot of higher than $300 per square foot

B: Built in the past 10 years

3: In a prestigious location

It additionally should have high ceilings and a great deal of free space with crown moldings. Newer houses allow for retractable walls, windows, and doors to bring outdoors in as well.

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