Do Las Vegas short sale homes sell for big discounts? Video

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Discounts gained through buying Las Vegas short sales homes

This is the fourth post in the Las Vegas Short Sale homes and condos for sale, buyer’s guide series. In this video, we will talk about where the largest discounts can be found and also what types of Las Vegas short sale homes sell for lowest discounts.

First, we talk about the correct definitions of different categories of property condition and show that about half of all short sale homes were in fair or poor condition. We break down and show discounts gained from buying short sale homes by price range and type, like combination bankruptcy or probate short sales homes and auction short sales.

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So far we have discussed different kinds of short sales listings that are listed in Las Vegas MLS in

How long does it take to close different types of short sale deals?

And given the troubles inherent in short sales deals

We showed that about 50% of Las Vegas short sales homes for sale buyers ended up with less than $10,000 in discounts on their deal. Approved short sales in very good or excellent condition, in lower price ranges, offer the least discounts. But luxury homes that need a lot of repairs offer the most discounts.

Our goal was to educate short sales buyers about the process, and even we can’t-do a thorough job of it with a few short videos. However, those who have seen our Las Vegas short sale homes, condos buyer’s guide series know more about buying Las Vegas short sale homes and condos than most real estate professionals.

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