Home Buying Tutorials

Home buying tutorials are essential for very successful Las Vegas home or condo deals

Why do we think home buying tutorials are important? Because let’s face it, how many home or condo buyers thoroughly research the process of buying a residence before going ahead and actually buying one? We did say process and not a single act and the answer is, not many. However, if you do everything like everyone else, does it give you an edge over the competition? And the answer is clearly no.

We have thoroughly researched all the steps involved in the process of buying residential real estate and devised a roadmap to success and can pretty much guarantee a better deal if you follow our advice than if you don’t.

The following are some of the pages and videos that we have provided to guide buyers through the process of buying a home, condo or high-rise condo.

Is it better to buy or rent in Las Vegas

1: All start with answering the following question, is it better to rent or buy Las Vegas homes or condos by numbers? In this video, we provide a realistic example of rent versus buying using the latest mortgage loan terms. This is a great place to become familiar with the mortgage loan amortization table.

Searching MLS listings

2: How to utilize the full power of our comprehensive and daily updated MLS search utility to find your desired property in Greater Las Vegas MLS search guide.

Mortgage financing Guides

3: In Effect of changes to Las Vegas RPA on financing buyers-Video we explain how recent changes in the purchase agreement or RPA affect buyers who need to finance a mortgage. Now it requires the buyer to set a deadline for obtaining appraisal and mortgage loan approval time that can be very problematic.

4: In mortgage guide for Las Vegas homes, condos, high-rise buyers-Video we talk about how to solve the above problem while successfully competing with cash offers and beating other financing deals with ease.

How to make winning offers

5: How to make the right offers in making offers on Las Vegas homes, condos, high rise-Video.

Escrow process to close the real estate deal

6: Your guide to the escrow process in Las Vegas. See how we use escrow companies in Nevada to close real estate deals instead of attorneys and at a fraction of the cost.

7: The most accurate and informative Las Vegas housing market updates.


In addition to home buying tutorials, our website is laden with advice for all types of home buyers and real estate investors. For example, buyers who want to buy a Las Vegas golf course home should be aware of a restriction on the public golf course’s title in order to make sure that it can’t be used for housing because 3 golf courses have been purchased by developers to be turned into housing. This kills home and condo values for affected properties leading to lawsuits by homeowners.

For buyers with small children who want to live in a particular school zone and be aware of sexual predators in the area that they want to buy a residence, we have Clark County school performance and interactive crime and sexual predator map links.

We hope that you find home buying tutorials useful and if you want to buy a home or condominium find us worthy of your business.

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