Las Vegas High-Rise Condos for Sale or Rent

Essential information about Las Vegas high-rise condos for sale or rent

If you want to buy a Las Vegas high-rise condos or sell a unit, we have all of the information that you must know here.

In addition to an interactive Las Vegas High-rise condo map with video explaining it, we discuss the Las Vegas high-rise condo market in two ways. A market report for all of the units which is useful in a limited way, since the rate of appreciation is not the same among all towers. So we provide another report which compares individual projects appreciation rate which you should find very useful. Lastly, Unlike Zillows or Redfin, our MLS search is a direct feed from our MLS and is updated daily, no under contract or sold units will be shown here. Read More


Searching for sale and rental listings

In order to search for Las Vegas high-rise condos for sale listings, chose high-rise in the property type window. In addition to the number of bedrooms and price range you can find additional options when you click (more options) below the search button where you can check listings in individual towers as well by clicking the desired project name in the tower name window.

In order to search for Las Vegas high-rise condos for rent listings, Chose rent under the listing type, set your minimum and maximum price along with the number of bedrooms, click on the more options and put the tower’s formal name in the Sub-division window.

The projects with a name change are: For City Center Waldorf Astoria (formerly Residences in Mandarin Oriental Hotel) rentals, you have to search for the incredibly imaginative name of (Resort Condo at Luxury Building) or in the case of (The Martin) use (Panorama Tower Phase III) and (The Ogden’s) formal name is (Streamline Tower) and use (Trump) for (Trump Tower).


Market reports and interactive map of towers

We have made a brand new interactive map of all projects which shows you the location of all of the towers and an accompanying video, explaining it. When you click on a tower name, you will see the address, a picture, Telephone number, and a link to the Google reviews of it.

In the market updates we analyze all units to evaluate the market direction. However, not all towers appreciate the same. In the best appreciating Las Vegas high-rise condo towers since 2017, we will show which towers have appreciated best and those which didn’t appreciate at all, which you should find very useful if you are an investor.

Lastly, we have published a video about selling Las Vegas homes, condos or high-rise condos for the nest price, please watch it and if you plan to buy a sell a unit, call us at 702-478-7800. 

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