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Las Vegas real estate market updates that you read in news publications or other Realtor sites are from the Realtor Association’s monthly publication. However, this report is incomplete and often misleading which we discuss in significant errors in GLVAR’S real estate market reports-video. So we do our own research and publish an update when necessary.

Additionally, we separate Las Vegas condos and townhomes statistics in our Las Vegas housing market updates while they are combined in GLVAR’s reports. The combined median prices of condos and townhomes in 2017 appreciated by 27.9%, the median price of townhomes appreciated by an unbelievable 34.9% and townhomes by only 12.4%, we think that this is essential information.

In the past 14 years, we have witnessed the whole spectrum of Greater Las Vegas housing market activity from rocketing prices of 2003-2006, real estate crash of 2007-2011 and mind-boggling recovery of 2012-2016. Since mid-2016 we have entered a biblical kind of active listing famine.

Active listings are those that are not under contract and their severe shortage resulted in significant to eye-popping median price gains for homes, townhomes, and condos since January 2016.

Mastery of the Las Vegas housing market allows us to warn our buyers about quickly rising prices way before they happen or when a sharp downturn is underway. In an article published in LinkedIn titled incredible action on Las Vegas condos published in October 2016, we warned about quickly appreciating condo prices and more importantly the reasons for it. Those who heeded our advice and bought then have made more than 42% profit on their money.

Prediction & overview of Las Vegas real estate market 2018, video:

In Prediction & overview of Las Vegas real estate market 2018, video we talk about how the shortage of active listing inventories for homes, condos, and townhomes has gotten worse over time, leading to double-digit increases in their median prices. When it comes to Las Vegas condos for sale, the median price gain of 34.9% is beyond belief.

In this blog post, we make a prediction on what will happen to Las Vegas housing market in 2018.

Overview of Las Vegas high-rise condo market in 2018, video:

In the overview of Las Vegas high-rise condo market in 2018, video we will show that even though the median price of high-rise condos has rebounded from the significant $44,000 drop in median price of 2016 to finish 2017 at $340,000, the main reason for the rebound is the big reduction in the active listing inventory and not increasing sales or the Raiders moving here.

It should be mentioned that the median price of Las Vegas high rise condos at the end of 2017 is only 3% higher than the same in 2014, but should go up by more than 5% in 2018.

Rocketing prices in a strange Las Vegas real estate market-Video: While the number of home and condo listings in the late spring should rise appreciably from January, the exact opposite has happened this year and active listings have dropped by 35%-50% since then. At the same time demand has gone up significantly.  We explain how long we expect these price hikes that are based on an abnormal market to go on because at least when single-family homes are concerned, affordability becomes an issue.

Buying Las Vegas homes in July could cost 10% more than now-video: In this video, we warned buyers that waiting to buy a home that is priced below the FHA loan limit in July 2017 will cost at least 10% more than January and advised them to buy before March.

We not only talked about when price appreciation will come but by how much. Our prediction was right and if someone gets an offer accepted at 10% higher than 2016 for a house that is priced less than $287,500 they have done well.

Overview of Las Vegas real estate market in 2017-Video: We were the first and only to predict at least a 10% price gain for less expensive homes, condos, and townhomes. We did this video in December when we thought that we would get more active listings inventory that not only didn’t come, they were significantly reduced by summer while demand escalated.

We also discuss why median price gains do not apply to all price ranges equally. The days on the market before going under contract for luxury homes is 3-4 times that of cheaper homes, and competition among buyers is not as intense. So it is a great mistake to raise the price of a luxury home by the same percentage as the median price gain. Listing agents who raise asking list price by the same amount as median price gain fail to sell their listings due to incorrect asking list price because they have ignored this fact.

GLVAR doesn’t publish any high-rise condo market updates so ours is unique to this site and can’t be found anywhere else.

Overview of Las Vegas high-rise condo market in 2017-Video: The only formal high-rise condo market report available online. We take a look at the median price of all units sold in high rise condo towers since the recovery of 2011. Contrary to what you read in news articles and other Realtor sites, we prove that our high rise condo market is a buyer’s market.

In the subsequent video, we look at the median price of all units sold in each individual tower since recovery and margins are wide, from 76.2% median price appreciation for Metropolis, to 11.3% for a couple of condo hotels.

How is the market affecting buyers and sellers-Video? In this, we talk about how the low inventory of active listings and escalating prices that are affecting buyers and sellers. If you plan to buy or sell, watch this video.

Las Vegas housing will not see any price gains for now-video: in this video, we show that median prices of single-family homes escalate in February through July and stay flat and even going down a bit in late November or December before escalating in February again.


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