Las Vegas HUD Homes for Sale-HUD Foreclosures

Buying Las Vegas HUD homes for sale

HUD Department of Housing and Urban Development or HUD foreclosures are sold through an online auction. HUD homes or condos can’t be sold to Las Vegas real estate investors for the first 30days and most sell within that period.

HUD homes or condos are priced based on an FHA appraisal and come with a property inspection report which makes these the least risky of any online or live real estate auctions in Las Vegas.

Below please find the qualifying conditions and what you have to do to buy HUD homes or condos.

How to make offers on Las Vegas HUD homes for sale

  1. A Realtor or real estate agent must represent you
  2. HUD Homes and condos are sold as is
  3. If you plan to finance your home deal, you have to be pre-qualified
  4. Government employees such as police, firefighters, and teachers get the first shot to bid on many homes
  5. Las Vegas real estate investors can’t bid on HUD homes or condos for 30 days
  6. First time home buyers take precedence over investors
  7. Competition is fierce for HUD properties and it is hard to get a good bargain
  8. We can help you with the HUD homes auction while most Realtors are unfamiliar with it

HUD homes are not the only place to get a good deal on foreclosed homes and condos.  Other foreclosures that are listed in the Las Vegas MLS can be purchased directly or be purchased through other types of real estate auctions.

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