Las Vegas real estate market-homes, condos Feb 2015

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In Las Vegas real estate market, February 2015 we discuss damage done to Las Vegas homes, condos buyers, sellers from incorrect information by Realtors

In this blog and video we will go over the Las Vegas real estate market for January 2015. Given that the statistics released for January really reflect market activities (offers made) in December and October it is no surprise that the median prices for Las Vegas homes, condos and town-homes has dropped a bit as December is the best month of the year to make an offer on Las Vegas properties.

In the current flat market it is not necessary to do a new housing market report every month and what was said in, Las Vegas Real estate market, January 2015-housing market still holds. However due to the Serious errors in GLVAR Las Vegas real estate market reports we will publish them more frequently.

We also talk about the damage that incorrect real estate markets could cause. In this video we give an example of two distinct ways of talking about the Las Vegas housing market in the past 12 months, and both are totally correct. However one way of explaining the market leads to a much higher offer amount than the other, resulting in home buyers paying more than current market value or the seller listing his or her property at an unreasonably high asking price, thus hurting both buyers and sellers.


In this video we showed why it is of utmost importance for Las Vegas Realtors to do their own research on the Las Vegas real estate market and to educate their clients about it.

However in January 2017 we got an e-mail from a Las Vegas Realtor who likes to spam others, including me.  Below is an exact quote:

“First, home prices have hit record highs over the past few months. In fact, home prices are now higher than they were in 2006, at the peak of the housing bubble.”

WOW, Good LORD wake up man, the median sales prices of Las Vegas homes at the peak of housing bubble was $320,000. The highest median sales price after recession has been about $240,000”

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We also showed how incorrect information can hurt the Las Vegas home or condo sellers by putting an unreasonably high asking price on their property, thus compromising any chances of selling it at market value in a reasonable time.

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