Making offers on Las Vegas homes, condos, high rise-Video

Only accepted offers turn into deals, rejected offers get trashed

Making offers on Las Vegas homes, condos or high rise condos is not an exact science. While mastering how to do comprehensive market Analysis (doing COMPS) is essential. Offers need to be based on the current Las Vegas housing market as well. In a seller’s market offer amounts should be higher than property value while in buyer’s market offer amounts should be lower than property value.

In this video, we discuss who should put a value on a home, condo or high rise condo for sale in Las Vegas, and it is NOT the listing Realtor. We also discuss how offers should be written in a buyer’s and seller’s market.


If you don’t like videos this is the video transcript of how to make winning offers on Las Vegas homes, condos, high rise with all embedded data

Buying real estate is done through negotiation and in order to get the best price, both the buyer and sellers needs should be considered. Offers are only accepted when the seller is happy enough to agree with it (or just a little unhappy). Have you ever heard that the seller was so angry that he agreed to sign the purchase contract?

Other factors that should be considered while making offers are the type of sale. Offers made on distressed homes and condos like foreclosures and short sales are totally different than offers made of traditional sales. We also discuss other issues like pricing upgrades and pools.

We have beaten higher offers on Las Vegas condos or homes several times because we wrote a clean offer that would appraise, while higher offers wouldn’t have appraised.

This was the fifth video blog in the Las Vegas home or condo buying tutorials where we guide our buyers through all stages of home or condo buying in Las Vegas.-

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