Mortgage guide for Las Vegas homes, condos, high-rise buyers-Video

What should buyers know about financing mortgage loan in Las Vegas

The reason that we decided to do a Mortgage Guide for Las Vegas homes, condos or high-rise condo buyers is that most buyers go about it the wrong way because it’s been the customary way to do it. But that was good for the last century.

A successful real estate deal is comprised of two distinct but related parts that have to be done correctly.

1: Getting the right mortgage loan

2: Getting a good real estate deal

In this video, we discuss how and more importantly when a buyer should start the mortgage process as well as the benefits of being under-written approved when making an offer and during escrow.

We also discuss the difference between simple interest rate and annual percentage rate (APR),  and why you should avoid out of state or online mortgage companies and restrictions on financing a mortgage for Las Vegas condos and high-rise condos.


Please find the video transcript of Mortgage financing for Las Vegas homes, condos or high-rise buyers with all embedded data.

We can pretty much guarantee that the buyers who follow our advice will not lose a deal to a much lower cash offer or get much more in discounts than buyers who started under-writing after an offer was accepted.

Those who plan to buy a Las Vegas house or condominiums should see properties during the underwriting phase in order to find their desired house or condominium. Then when the right property comes along they are ready to make a winning offer on it and win it without overpaying.

This page is a part of home buying tutorials series where we guide you through every step in the buying process.

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