My take on the Las Vegas massacre

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Why we didn’t announce the new website for a week

Designing and authoring the new website Las Vegas homes, condos & luxury high-rise condos has been breathtakingly difficult and took a long time to do. So publishing it should have been a very happy occasion except it wasn’t. We published the website last Sunday, planning to announce on Monday, but woke up to the news of the Las Vegas massacre the next morning which to this day is tearing me up at the seams.

It has been my experience in life that A. holes do what they are and it is stupid to be seriously bothered by what they do. But sometimes results are so tragic that it is impossible to unaffected.

So here is my take on the Las Vegas shooting

I truly hate 3 words and one is cancer. It is not because it kills, it is how it kills.

When someone has cancer it means that part of his/her own body has turned against it and is trying to kill him/her while cancer itself will die with the host. So instead of cancer cells, I see the Las Vegas serial killer as a (cancer man). Only our Creator knows why this man became cancer, except that cancer usually wins and he didn’t.

How victims won for once

How do you defeat terror? By refusing to do what the terrorist wants, especially by refusing to be terrorized by their action.

In the videos, it is clear that this cancer man timed his hunt to coincide with people starting to leave the concert because he wanted to see chaos following by stampede so people would trample over each other which would have happened in many other places. NOT HERE. Big loss for the Cancer Man and the highest honor for the people, they couldn’t have possibly been more brave and disciplined in the face of naked, abject evil.

Absent wars, in any country, people get killed by their own countrymen/women. Since 1968, more than 1,516, 800 people have died from guns on American soil. However, many news organizations, such as ABC News proclaimed that “Las Vegas shooting death toll rises to 58, no apparent connection to terror”. MY Facebook reply was “yeah, the guy was throwing flowers down from the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay”. Now Terror is getting redefined by who does the mass killing rather than the mass killing itself, so, so sad. This is one of the many reasons that I no longer watch these news programs.

Lastly, two very brave men stood up to the shooter, one coolly giving him the finger before taking a sip from his beer can and the other standing up with arms open yelling well-deserved obscenities at the shooter.

But there were a lot of comments about how stupid they were because they could have possibly provided for unwanted attention from the shooter, endangering people around them. I don’t buy this argument as I really don’t think that the shooter was aiming at a singular person rather than shooting fish in a barrel with machine guns.

The way I see it when one encounters the abject evil that is hell bent to terrorize them but doesn’t have a way or means to fight back, the best weapon is showing that one is unafraid. It defeats the terrorist primary goal which is to terrorize. These two men are my heroes indeed and I pray that they are untouched by the same evil that they showed no fear of.

We guarantee that this is the first and only time that you see obscenities on this website, except that they were not obscenities, they were signs of highest honor and courage.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims, shot or not.

In the next post, we will introduce the new website Las Vegas homes, condos & luxury high rise condos and it is a great one.

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