Our Las Vegas MLS search is down

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Our Las Vegas MLS search stopped functioning after moving to SSL to secure the website

Update: Thank GOD, our MLS IDX is fixed and functioning.

I am not sure if you have noticed that we added a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to our website in order to secure it. However, if you use our MLS search  you have noticed that it stopped functioning since Saturday. The problem is due to an error from our IDX MLS vendor side that I have identified and have asked them to fix.

But since the error is on the vendor’s side, I have no control over when it will be fixed. Even though the error is not on my part, it is certainly my responsibility, so I am very Sorry about this and will update this blog to announce when it is fixed. Please be patient, by the way the meaning of my last name Saberzadeh is “the son of a patient person” which is correct because while I am the son of a patient person, I am not a patient man but you should be, it is good for you 🙂

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