Overview of different types of Las Vegas condo listings

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Las Vegas condo listings come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and price ranges, from inexpensive older condominiums to multi-million dollar penthouse units. Below is a summary of different kinds of Las Vegas condos for sale listings in the MLS to buy or rent.

Regular tract condos

Our Valley is peppered with regular condominium projects. These can have as little as a few buildings with a small pool to sprawling communities with multiple pools and spas, basketball and tennis courts, clubhouse and exercise room.  The majority of units don’t have a garage and weren’t originally upgraded, however many owners have upgraded their units.

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Restrictions on financing condos don’t apply to townhomes. If you just search for townhouses in the MLS you will lose on many listings that have been listed in the condominium category. This is due to how the builder has registered it with Clark County.

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Mid-rise luxury condominiums and lofts

These can go from 3 to 10 stories tall and usually have granite countertops, upgraded bath, and elevators.  Luxury condominiums come with full or resort amenities, some have attached garages or assigned parking in the building.

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High-rise condos

Las Vegas high-rise condos are divided into two categories, residential high-rise condominium towers and condo-hotel towers on or off-Strip which we discuss separately. Due to various factors, some high-rise towers have performed much better than others since the recovery of 2012. Some have appreciated more than 75% and some below 12%. We provide the appreciation rates for all high-rise towers.

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The majority of four-plexes are older buildings that have been built in the 1960s to late 1970s in low-income areas and are treated like single-family homes by lenders.

Fourplexes offer a great way for the renters to pay the owner’s mortgage for those who want to live on the premises and manage their units themselves. However many units may need repairs or upgrades.

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This was a quick overview of different types of Las Vegas condo listings.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

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