Overview of Las Vegas high-rise condo market in 2017-Video

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Las Vegas high-rise condo market in 2017 is a buyer’s market

In the Las Vegas high-rise condo market in 2017, we have decided to only include high-rise buildings that are taller than 12 stories.

Greater Las Vegas Realtor Association mixes regular condominiums and high-rise condominium towers in their Las Vegas real estate market reports and provides one median price for all which is useless in both cases.

We have tried to fix this by only discussing only the 21 true high rise projects.  You can find their name in the left column of our interactive Las Vegas high-rise and mid-rise luxury condominium map. True high-rise towers are shown with a star, City Center Veer Towers, Vadara and Residences in Mandarin Oriental Hotel are shown with tear drops and luxury mid-rise condos are shown by a diamond.

In this video we talk about:

The active inventory of Las Vegas high rise condominium listings in the Las Vegas MLS, including foreclosures and short sales

The median list price of high-rise condominiums for sale in Las Vegas in the MLS

The median sales prices of condo towers that we discuss from 2011 to 2016

Why high-rise condo prices aren’t appreciating

And finally conclusion

This is a video Transcript of Las Vegas high-rise condo market in 2017, including the embedded data.

In Las Vegas high-rise condos appreciation rates since recovery-Video, we show how much each individual tower has appreciated and the margins are wide, see how much your favorite tower has appreciated.

This was an update for Las Vegas high-rise condominium market in 2016.

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