Rocketing prices in a strange Las Vegas real estate market-Video

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Escalating prices in the listing starved Las Vegas real estate market can’t go on forever

Why do we put so much emphasis on Las Vegas real estate market reports? Because mastery of it can be used to help clients make or save a great deal of money.

Back in December, we were the first and only to accurately predicted current Las Vegas housing market in overview of Las Vegas real estate market in 2017-video.

In the next video called buying a home in July could cost 10% more than now. We even told our viewers when price gains will come and by how much and recommended that they buy before March. Those who heeded our advice to buy before March have saved thousands of dollars and much headache.

In this video we talk about the low inventory of active home listings which has resulted in 15.2% median price gain in the past 18 months. The inventory shortage is far more severe for condos and town homes resulting in eye popping ongoing price appreciation. In this video we discuss how long we expect this situation to go on and why one couldn’t drive any long term conclusions from this very abnormal Las Vegas housing market.


If you don’t like videos please find the video transcript of rocketing prices in a strange Las Vegas real estate market with all embedded data here.