Testimonial from a happy Las Vegas real estate investor

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See how happy Dave is after finding a great Las Vegas investment home

Dave contacted us a while back about investing in Las Vegas real estate; we told him that for his budget, a Las Vegas home would be a good option and showed him a few homes. We told him, as we tell all our clients to pick more than one home to make an offer. Las Vegas bank owned homes were the best fit for his criteria, which was getting a great deal, however buying one is not easy.

Dave K is one of my most favorite people on earth and lives in Minneapolis. Dave and young guys/ladies like him are the greatest assets that United States has to help it overcome current problems.

Dave picked about 4 homes to make an offer on, however one of them was by far and away the best and we tried to get him that one. But, the listing agent was not the best (I am being polite and wouldn’t say crap) and it took us about one month and many e-mails, including an angry call from me to get the offer accepted. But this is not the end of story.

How we got Dave out of hot water using a seller’s error

If someone asks me “what is the best reason for buyers to use a good Realtor?” my answer is the escrow process. Dave had to obtain an investment loan and these are more problematic than owner occupied mortgage loans.

One of the drawbacks of buying Las Vegas foreclosures is steep fines imposed by the bank (seller) if the deal doesn’t close by the deadline stated in the contract and Dave’s loan didn’t come through on time.

However we knew about a big mistake by the seller and didn’t bring it up until the day before the deadline which killed all the fines and allowed Dave to close his deal without paying the fines, thus saving him about $1,800.

At any rate, listen to his testimonial and learn that success doesn’t come to the meek. If you want a good Las Vegas real estate deal, you MUST be prepared to fight.

When a client contacts us about buying or investing in a Las Vegas home or condo, they place a trust in us that we defend with all we got. Including not bringing up seller’s mistakes until we really need it, fighting banks and if all fails begging forcefully. It worked in this case.

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