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Overview of Las Vegas homes, condos & luxury high-rise condos

Welcome to Las Vegas Homes, Condos & Luxury High-rise Condos, Real Estate College. Here we provide you with crash courses about all aspects of buying or selling residential real estate through the extensive use of guides and video tutorials. This is a quick overview of the main categories.

For sellers, a great starting point is:

Seller’s guide to selling homes, condos & high-rise condominiums

The golden rule of selling Las Vegas homes, condos & luxury high-rise condos for the best possible price is comprised of 3 rules that are concerned with the seller’s responsibility to prepare the residence for sale. The other 3 rules are concerned with marketing the listing, which is the listing Realtor’s responsibility. If any of these 6 rules are violated the seller will not sell the property for the best price. If more than one is violated the property will not sell for anything near market value.

A great starting point for buyers is:

Home buying tutorials

In home buying tutorials we guide buyers through the buying process from A-Z. Starting with, is it better to rent or buy a home or condo? If the answer is affirmative, then, how to best search for MLS listings, mortgage guide for financing buyers, making offers and lastly the escrow process to close the deal.

Las Vegas real estate market updates

Given the extremely turbulent housing market here, a great deal of emphasis is given to the Las Vegas real estate market as it is essential for calculating the correct current market value. We do our own research and pay no attention to erroneous market reports by our Realtor Association which we explain in real estate market updates page.

From January 2017-July 2017 the median price of single-family homes appreciated by 6.4%, the same for townhomes is at 13.5% and condos at 19%. So, we published separate overviews of the real estate market since recovery for each sector.

We are widely known as an authority on the subject because our housing market reports are by far the most accurate and our prediction on target.

Comprehensive guide to Invest in Las Vegas real estate

The biggest factor that prevents calculating an excellent estimate of rental income is the vacancy, which is a cash flow assassin as well. It took us months of research to come up with the perfect system to pick the best investment properties. It is based on the rent-ability factor concept which measures how quickly a residence can be rented.  See how we use it to find the very best investment properties, maximize cash flow by eliminating vacancy as much as possible and arrive at an excellent estimate of the rental income.

Las Vegas high-rise condos for sale or rent

In addition to our interactive high-rise condo map, we have the only formal Las Vegas high-rise condo market updates available online. This market report shows how the high-rise market is performing as a whole. However, it doesn’t show how much each individual tower has appreciated since the real estate recovery. And the margins are wide, from 76.6% for the best appreciating tower to 11.3% for Trump Tower and another condo-hotel project. Both reports are unique to this website.

Nevada first time home buyers programs & grants

It is still much cheaper to pay a mortgage than renting the same property. However, the biggest obstacle to homeownership is lack of down payment and ignorance of first time home buyer assistance. We show how first time home buyers can qualify for grants and down payment assistance. Those who don’t qualify can still use private programs, which in many cases don’t have any income limits and can be used by repeat buyers as well.

Condos & luxury condominiums

In condos for sale in Las Vegas buying guide we talk about different types of condominiums as well as the overview of the condo market since recovery and financing units, as there are restrictions on financing them.

In Las Vegas luxury condos for sale or rent, we provide an overview of the most prominent luxury condo communities including sales, HOA or condo fees and minimal rental period in addition to for sale and rental listings for each community.

Single-family houses and luxury homes

In Las Vegas homes for sale buying guide, we discuss year built versus location and housing market as well as Las Vegas luxury homes for sale buying and selling guide. In the convoluted luxury homes market, we show that there is very little correlation between the great recent median price gains for less expensive houses and the luxury home market as well as how some dishonest listing agents doctor sales results to fool prospective sellers.

Distressed properties

We have made video tutorials that cover buying foreclosures and anyone who watches our four video tutorials about buying short sales will know more than 99% of real estate professionals.

Greater Las Vegas real estate auctions

In Greater Las Vegas real estate auction guide, we cover both live and online real estate auctions. Bidding strategy at the Trustee sale auction and other live auctions are totally different from bidding at online real estate auctions. In many cases, the real actions in online auctions start when the bidding has concluded.

As we said in the beginning, Las Vegas homes, condos & luxury high-rise condos is an educational site that not only tells you what to do but more importantly why.

Lastly, knowledge is power be certain that your time spent learning here will be highly rewarded.

If you want to buy or invest in Las Vegas homes, condos & luxury high-rise condos, please call us at 800-762-4917. You can find our contact info and web page with the embedded video and video transcript in the video description.

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On behalf of Saber Team, this is Karen Saberzadeh of Realty One Group and wishing you a great day.

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